No more typing with that on-screen keyboard of your phone! ClickCal is a calendar app that allows you to create events without typing on your phone. Scan you paper invitation, dentist appointment note, capture the screen of an e-mail/web page with your phone's camera and your event is done. You can record a voice message like a shopping list to your event as well. Find out more about ClickCal here


ClickNote is a notepad app that allows you to create notes from photos and audio recording. No typing required to create a note. Scan you shopping list, paper invitation, dentist appointment note, screen of an e-mail/web page with your camera and your note is ready. Optionally add an audio message as well.  Traditional note title and text are also supported. Find out more about ClickNote here


WordPoly is a word game where you try to create as many words as you can from the given letters. The letters define one whole word - the hidden word. The rules are simple - each word must contain the letter in the middle and the words must be at least 4 letters in length. You can use each letter only once. No restriction on using plurals etc. Find out more about WordPoly here.


Wordoku is a game similar to Sudoku. The objective is to discover the hidden word. The hidden word is located on one of the 9 horizontal lines. Each Wordoku consists of a 9 letters that each must appear only once in each 3x3 grid, once on each row and once on each column of the puzzle.
There is a limited free version available. The full English version contains over 3000 hidden words. The Spanish version has over 1000 hidden words and the French version has over 5000 words.  Find out more about Wordoku here.


Reactor is a reaction test game with 5 increasingly hard levels. A number is displayed in the middle of the game screen and you need to tap on the corresponding number button in time. The time is getting shorter by every success. Find out more about Reactor here.